Google Ads for Estate Agents: Unlock Your Business Potential

google ads for estate agents

Google Ads can be a great way for estate agents to elevate their business. In this competitive industry, it’s crucial to stand out in your local area and reach your target audience. Otherwise, your competitors will pick up the properties and make all the commissions.

Google Ads can help you achieve your goals, by allowing you to create targeted ads. These will increase visibility and drive local homebuyers and sellers to your website. The platform also allows you to fine-tune your campaigns, to secure a better return on your advertising budget.

The Best Google Ads Network for Estate Agents

For estate agents, the Search Network is the best place to start promoting your business. As a local business with a budget, focusing on the Search Network ensures ads are shown to people who are searching for your services.

As well as Google search, you can also advertise on search partners. This helps you to scale your campaigns through smaller search engines that partner with Google.

Remarketing campaigns are another way to expand your reach. This allows you to advertise to previous website visitors. Remarketing is a great affordable way to stay top of mind, whilst someone is considering which estate agent to use.

When building your campaigns, location targeting is crucial for estate agents. This allows you to exclude any people who are outside your target area.

Once your Search campaigns are generating a positive ROI, you can explore other Google Ad options. There are several ways to advertise and scale up your current advertising efforts.

The display network and YouTube can also be excellent options. Both of these are great for creating brand awareness and engaging potential clients in a more visual and interactive way.

Traffic and Costs when running Estate Agent ads

There is a significant amount of online search traffic looking for estate agents. These are people actively searching for properties, agents, and relevant services.

Although advertising in this industry can be competitive, the traffic is extremely targeted. This usually means your budget is only spend on people actually looking to engage your services.

KeywordAvg. monthly searchesYoY changeCompetitionTop of page bid (low range)Top of page bid (high range)
estate agent11000023%Low0.974.59
estate agent Leeds36000%Medium0.764.76
estate agent near me4950049%Medium1.698.48
estate agents Birmingham36000%Medium0.663.68
estate agents Bristol36000%Medium0.783.76
estate agents London81000%Medium0.692.66
estate agents Manchester44000%Medium0.643.43
estate agents Newcastle240021%Low0.52.78
estate agents Sheffield290024%Medium0.974.83
home estate agents5400-18%Low0.522.62
independent estate agents440089%Low0.442.48
local estate agent540050%Medium1.819.18
real estate agent4050050%Low0.732.99
strikes estate agents40500-33%Low0.692.65

Based on the table data above, the level of competition for the industry is medium.  This means there are plenty of opportunities to reach potential clients. Whats more, the opportunity is also increasing.

Based on the keywords above, the average year-over-year change, shows an increase in searches for several keywords. For example:

  • “Estate agent near me” has a 49% YoY increase
  • “Real estate agent” has a 50% YoY increase
  • The YoY change for “independent estate agents” is even more remarkable, with an 89% increase.

These numbers represent a growing interest in estate agents throughout the UK, and a higher number of people searching for them on Google.

By targeting high-growth keywords, estate agents can capitalize on this increased search traffic. This means, they can attract more potential clients to their business. If ads are run correctly, this will mean more properties for sale and more sales being made.

Setting Up Your Own Campaign

Like any business, an estate agent can certainly set up their own Google Ads campaigns. However, it’s important to be aware of potential challenges. For example:

  • Creating a well-structured account
  • Setting an appropriate daily budget
  • Defining the right bidding strategy
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword match types
  • Negative keywords
  • Crafting compelling ad copy
  • Etc.

All these factors play a crucial role in the success of your campaign. Also, managing a Google Ads campaign is not set and forget. It can be time-consuming and requires ongoing optimization to maximize results. Balancing these tasks with the demands of running an estate agency can be a challenge.

If you do decide to run your own ads, reviewing and optimizing is essential for long-term success.

Adjusting bids, refining keyword lists, and improving ad copy are some of the key on going tasks.

Quality Score is a vital metric that impacts ad performance. By optimising your campaign on an ongoing basis your quality score will improve. This will result in a higher ad rank, which means your position will improve and your costs will be cheaper.

Getting Help with Your Estate Agents Google Ads Campaign

Working with a professional Ad expert can reduce many of the challenges mentioned above. A professional advertiser will help you develop a strategy. This will include the right keywords, engaging ads, and an ongoing optimisation strategy.

Partnering with someone who has experience in the estate agent’s industry can also be beneficial. This will ensure your ad budget is used efficiently, to drive the best possible results.


In conclusion, Google Ads can be a powerful tool to help estate agents reach more clients and sell more properties.

By focusing on Search campaigns, and leveraging location targeting, you can stay ahead of the competition and maximize ROI.

Managing your campaigns can be complex and time-consuming. However, enlisting the help of a professional can ensure that your advertising efforts are optimized for success.

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