10 Things to Consider Before You Hire an Adwords Management Company

Hiring an Adwords management company is a big decision, after all these are the people who will be looking after your paid advertising and determining the results your Adwords campaigns will deliver. Getting this decision wrong can result in you you losing money and in the very worst scenario it could result in you giving up on Adwords altogether.

In this article we will be looking at ten things you should always consider before you hire a Google Adwords management company to set up and look after your ad campaigns.

1. Are They a Qualified Adwords Management Company?

This is the first thing you should be checking with any Adwords company you are considering hiring. Any qualified company will have an Adwords Partner badge on their site that proves that they are recognised by Google as a fully qualified Adwords specialist.

The Adwords Partner badge looks like the image below and should be clickable with a link to the Agencies Google Partner profile.


When a company is a Google partner you know 3 things:

  1. They have completed all the necessary Adwords exams.
  2. They currently manage accounts and have spent more than the equivalent of $10,000 USD over the last 3 months.
  3. The existing accounts they do run are using best practices (this is reviewed by Google)

If the Adwords management company you are considering doesn’t have this badge on their site, then you know they are not qualified and therefore there is a good change they are not going to be the best people to manage your budget.

2. Is this company your web designer?

This one isn’t going to be relevant to every company you are considering to help you with Adwords, but it is a very common problem we see over and over again.

The thing is many businesses have a good relationship with their web designer and as a result they often consider them as their go to solution for anything web related, but in reality this is often not the case, in fact this goes back to point one, is your web designer a certified Adwords partner? If not, then it is obvious that they are probably not the best fit.

If on the other hand your web designer is an Adwords qualified partner, the next thing you need to consider is, do they have their own dedicated PPC managers to look after your account? If they don’t then there is a good chance that they are not completely focused on Adwords management and it is likely that they just offer this service as an add-on.

Think about it this way, who would you rather have looking after your account?

  1. A company who spends 80% of their time on web design, 10% on SEO, and 10% on Adwords
  2. Someone who is 100% focused as an Adwords management company.

3. Will you have direct contact with the person managing your account?

This is a very important thing to consider, for example will they offer telephone support? Will they offer email support? And will you actually be talking to the person who manages your account?

Certain agencies will do things differently, some will give you access to the exact person who is working on your account, others may have some kind of manager between you (the client) and the actual Adwords campaign manager, then you will have some companies who don’t even manage your accounts in house and actually outsource to a third party, in this case it is very rare you will ever speak with the person managing your account.

None of these options are wrong and all can be effective, so it’s really up to you to ask yourself what you expect from an Adwords management company.

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4. Will you be locked into a contract?

Contracts are quite common with Adwords management, however not all agencies will require a contract and for the ones that do the duration they require you to sign up for can vary quite a bit.

Here are a few things to consider if you do choose an Adwords management company who require you to sign a contract:

  • Will you will be committed to paying for Adwords management services until the contract expires?
  • Will you be able to cancel if you are not happy with the results?
  • If you take a break from advertising , will you still be required to pay the full management fee?

Here at CPS Media we do not lock any of our clients into contracts, the reason for this is simple, we have a very high client retention rate without contracts, what this means is that our clients, remain working with us based on “results” and this means that we don’t have to lock people in.

5. Will You Get Regular Reports From Your Adwords Management Company?

Getting regular reports from your Adwords management company is essential, without regular reporting how will you know what work is being done in your account by your Adwords manager?

Depending on the size of your account your Adwords management company should be sending you at the very minimum monthly reports and for higher spending business, it may even be beneficial to have weekly reports, to keep up to date with the progress of your campaigns.

Things that we share in our client reports include:

  • Changes that have been made in the account and the reason for these changes.
  • Month to month improvements, including how they were achieved.
  • And finally, plans for future improvements, to show what we intend to do with the campaigns going forward.

When choosing an Adwords company remember to ask about the sort of reports they provide and be sure to ask for a sample, as this will show you the sort of report you will be receiving.

6. How Much Will Your Adwords Management Cost?

Generally the fee for account management will be charged on a monthly basis, the price that you end up paying each month can vary for a number of reasons, for example:

  • The amount of products or services you sell – Campaigns with multiple products or services will require more work.
  • Your monthly budget – campaigns with higher budgets tend to take more time to manage and in many cases an Adwords management company will charge a percentage of spend.
  • And finally the type of Adwords Management Company you hire – in our experience we would say that there are 3 general types:
    • Low price  (prices £49 – £149 month) – These are generally lower quality and it really is a case of you get what you pay for at this level. With these types of Adwords management companies you will often find a few things, firstly they are rarely qualified Adwords partners, also it is common to see the larger companies in this price range offering lower prices to tempt you in and then locking you into a lengthy contract, also you are unlikely to get much in terms of reporting and customer service at this price range.
    • Middle of the road pricing (£150 – £1999 month) – Once you start to move up to the next level of Adwords management , the quality is generally much higher, in this price bracket you are generally going to find, more qualified Adwords partners, Freelance Adwords consultants and smaller agencies that specialise in Adwords and paid search (just like the team here at CPS Media). You will also find that there are many full service agencies that operate at this price range, however as we have mentioned in previous points you should always look into whether these companies have dedicated, qualified staff that deal with their Adwords clients.
    • High priced agencies (£2000 – £10,000+ month) – These types of agencies tend to be full service, meaning they offer a full suite of digital marketing services and they will have dedicated teams for each service, this means that the quality of work you receive will generally be high, however, these types of agencies are generally reserved for big brand advertisers and unless you are spending high £xx,xxx – £xxx,xxx+/month on advertising, it is unlikely that they will offer you a better service than an Adwords specialist in the middle of the road price range.

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7. Will there be a set up cost?

Most of the Adwords management companies you talk to will have some kind of set up cost, whether this is to build your new account or to restructure an existing account.

Some agencies on the other hand will not charge any set up fee, however this again comes back to the fact that you will often get what you pay for, in fact this is a very common tactic used by larger companies with longer cheap monthly payment plans, where you are locked into a long monthly contract.

Obviously not all companies who offering a free set up are bad, some may just be running a free set up offer at that present time to attract more business and this could simply be a limited time offer, so the main thing to remember here is to do your due diligence and make sure that there aren’t strings attached.

8. Have they worked with clients in the same or similar industries?

This point isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, particularly if your business is in a less common industry, in fact it is often better to look at this slightly broader than just your specific industry, for example if you were looking to advertise a local construction business and your main goal was to generate phone calls to arrange a free quote, finding an Adwords management company that has clients with a similar advertising model would definitely be beneficial.

An example of an agency that might not be a very good fit for the example above would be one that specialises, in working with ecommerce businesses, selling multiple products via online stores, as you can see the way these businesses are generating conversions is completely different.

As a rule most Adwords management companies will specialise in a variety of industries, so remember to ask about the type of clients they have worked with in the past.

9. Do they offer a free audit or account review?

If you are looking for an Adwords management company and you already have an active account, you should always see if they offer a free account audit (review) this allows the Adwords expert some kind of temporary access to your existing account. There are a couple reasons that taking advantage of an account audit can be a good idea:

  1. Audits are generally a free no obligation service which can uncover potential problems in your account. If you don’t decide to hire them you will still know how you can make improvements.
  2. You can get first-hand experience of what it would be like to work with the company, for example do they complete your audit in the time they specified? Is the review they provide thorough? Do you actually like the person you are dealing with and can you see yourself working with them over a longer period of time?

The majority of Adwords management companies will offer a free account audit up front, if they don’t simply ask and the majority will be happy to perform one.

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10. Will you have access to your account?

This can be a big problem! And we have worked with many companies here at CPS Media, where we have taken over their Adwords management and the previous Adwords management company did not give them access to their account, meaning we have to fully rebuild there account.

So why do some Adwords companies do this? and why is it such a big problem? Below are a couple of reasons some Adwords management companies don’t give their clients access to accounts:

  1. The first is quite reasonable and understandable in some ways, they basically want to avoid the client logging in and making changes, as this can be disruptive to the ongoing improvements and success of the campaigns.
  2. The second reason on the other hand is slightly more immoral and that is quite simply, that they don’t want to give you ownership of the account and they don’t want you having access to the data.

The reason an Adwords management company would want to deny you access for reason (2) is simple, they want to make it harder for you to leave and stop using their service, if they control your account and won’t give you access, this means that when you do leave to work with someone else you will have to start from scratch, not only that but you won’t even have any of the data in your old account that you paid for to help build your new account.

Here at CPS Media we completely disagree with this practice and as a result we are 100% transparent with our clients and give full access to accounts, this means that if you were to work with us, but later down the line decide to leave to take your campaigns in house, or work with another Adwords expert, you are free to take your Adwords account and campaigns with you.

We hope you have found this article on 10 things to consider before you hire an Adwords management company useful and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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