Adwords Image Extensions Now In BETA

Google have just announced yet another useful extension to Adwords.

New Image Extensions

Image extension for your adwords ads have just now been released in BETA and they really look great, basically these extensions will allow advertisers to attach images to there text ads. up till now unless you were using Product Listing ads all ads were purley text.

Google have noted that one in six searches currently result in images appeearing on the first page and the aim of this new extension is to give users a richer experience whilst searching in Google.

So what does this mean for advertises? Well we have all heard the saying “a picture can say more than a thousand words” and in some cases this is certainly the case, if for example you have something specific, that is potentially a better fit for the users search querie when comapred to the competition, an image may well give the visual aid to cause the user to click your ads.

However these ads are at Googles discretion and they will be shown only when Google feels that images would be a good fit for the search results.

Keep an eye out for an update on this, as I have just applied for the BETA and will be posting my findings here on the CPS Media Blog





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