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Outsource your Google Ads and Facebook campaigns with confidence. You can see some of the main benefits of white label PPC below:

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White label PPC is a great option for digital agencies and web design companies. It gives the opportunity to offer a new service, without having to hire or train new staff.

Here at CPS Media we offer two main white label PPC services, which can be seen below.

  1. Google Ads
  2. Facebook Ads

These services are ideal if you have clients you already provide web & marketing services for.

There are many advantage of being able to offer your clients PPC management. One of the main ones, is that is can be used to deliver fast, profitable results.

Who is White Label PPC For?

White label PPC is great service for any of the following:

  • SEO (Search engine optimisation) – When you provide SEO services there is often a considerable wait before your clients see results. Using white label PPC, allows you to deliver results, whilst you wait for organic rankings.

  • Web Design – As a web designer, your job is to provide, attractive, functional and high converting web properties. However once the site is online, the next challenge is getting visitors, so your client can start seeing the benefits of the fantastic work you have done. Using a white label PPC service, allows you to start generating visitors to the website right away.

  • Social media Marketers – In today marketing environment social media is extremely important. However, organic reach is shrinking on a lot of platforms and getting the same results that used to be possible is a challenge. Social PPC can help you extend your reach significantly and other services such as white label paid search, can add an additional stream of traffic to your client’s websites.

  • Offline advertising services – Do you help clients with offline advertising, such as print and direct mail? If this is your speciality, then online advertising is likely not your main focus. Using a white label PPC service allows you to offer your clients additional advertising opportunities. This means you can continue to control all of your clients marketing budget without the need to learn new skills.

Whatever industry you currently specialise in. White label PPC allows you to outsource a scalable, profitable marketing service to your clients, which delivers results fast.

Below you can see a more detailed description of each service we offer here at CPS Media.

Google Ads White Label PPC

google ads white label ppc

Here at CPS Media we have been helping businesses with Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) for over 6 years.

Google offer advertisers a variety of different advertising mediums, including:

  • Paid search – Search advertising is arguably the most targeted form of advertising available to online advertisers. This type of advertising allows you to bid on the exact keywords your potential customers are searching for on Google.

  • Display – Google display ads reach approximately 90% of internet users. It is the largest, most visited website network on the internet.

  • Shopping – Google shopping is the perfect white label PPC service to offer your ecommerce clients. Shoppers are more than twice as likely to click on product ads, compared with traditional text ads. Clicks are often cheaper and for the right business the ROI can be fantastic when set up correctly.

  • Video – This type of advertising allow you to run video ads on YouTube. By targeting your ads correctly, they will only be shown to people who are interested in your business.

Facebook ads White Label PPC

Facebook Ads white label PPC

Here at CPS Media we have been helping clients with Facebook ads for over three years. In that time we have developed a number of highly effective strategies for creating, profitable, targeted campaigns.

Facebook offers a variety of Advertising products and some of the best targeting available to online advertisers.

With over 2 billion active users it is guaranteed that your client’s customers are active on the platform.

CPS Media offer a combination of image and video advertising combined with sophisticated audience targeting to deliver your clients the most profitable results.

Microsoft Advertising White Label PPC

microsoft advertising

Microsoft advertising gives you the opportunity to show your ads on Bing, Yahoo and AOL. As well as some smaller search engines and websites in their syndicated partner network.

Microsoft ads offer an almost identical service to search ads on Google.

Traffic volume is considerably lower on this platform, so we generally offer this as an add-on white label PPC service to supplement existing Google ad campaigns.

Which Platform is Right For Your Clients?

The main white label PPC services we offer here at CPS Media are Google Ads Paid Search and Facebook ads. To determine the best choice we perform a free detailed analysis to decide the best custom approach for your clients.

How does a White Label PPC Agreement Work

Our white label PPC service is extremely simple. We manage every aspect of your clients account on your behalf. This includes:

  • Account set up
  • Campaign management and optimisation
  • Detailed monthly reporting (Branded to your Company)
  • Full conversion tracking
  • Dedicated PPC landing pages
  • And full support via email and phone
  • Free ad account coupons (where possible)

Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible for you. Once work begins on your clients account we essentially become an arm of your own marketing department.

This gives you the ability to offer a high quality service, with no extra work required at you end.

We offer a completely free audit and health check on existing accounts.

Also for any new advertisers we offer detailed recommendations, on advertising spend as well as any set up and management costs.

For more details on how we can help you with white label PPC management, fill in the short form below.

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