Google Ads for Asbestos Removal Companies

google ads for asbestos removal

When promoting your asbestos removal business, Google Ads offers a unique advantage. By using this platform, you can target potential customers who are actively searching for services in this niche industry.

With Google Ads, you can create targeted campaigns that reach people who actually need asbestos removal services. This ensures that you don’t waste ad budget on people that are simply not interested.

As a result it can produce higher ROI compared to traditional advertising methods. Plus, with granular targeting options, you can focus on specific locations and demographics. This makes your ads more efficient for acquiring new asbestos removal jobs.

The Best Google Ads Network for Asbestos Removals

While there are several networks available on Google Ads, the Search Network is ideal for asbestos removal. This is particularly true for those operating locally or on a budget.

By focusing on Search traffic, you can target people as they are searching on Google for your services. As a result, you only get the most qualified visitors to your website, which will translate to a better return on your ad spend.

Once your Search Network campaign is performing well, you can also consider expanding to other networks. This includes:

  • Search Partners – This extends your ads to smaller search engines, and websites.
  • Remarketing – Using remarketing can help you recapture people that visited your site but never made an enquiry.
  • The Display Network – Whilst this is a much broader form of advertising, it can help you expand your reach and brand awareness.

You can potentially use all the above to scale your advertising efforts.

Traffic and Costs in the Asbestos Removal Industry

In the asbestos removal industry, the cost of advertising might seem high at first glance. However, considering the targeted nature of Google Ads, these costs are justified. This is because these ads often translate into low-cost, targeted conversions.

To get an idea of potential keywords, traffic, and costs per click in this industry, see the table below:

KeywordAvg. monthly searchesYoY changeCompetitionTop of page bid (low range)Top of page bid (high range)
asbestos removal9900-45%Medium1.334.3
asbestos survey54000%Medium1.949.08
asbestos testing360052%High1.025.1
artex removal24000%High0.362.56
asbestos removal near me240030%Medium1.775.65
asbestos removal cost19000%Medium0.872.58
artex ceiling removal16000%High0.642.86
asbestos disposal100048%Medium0.883.4
asbestos survey near me10000%Medium2.769.41
asbestos testing near me10000%High1.496.86

Based on the data in the table, you can see that the competition in the asbestos removal industry varies. There is a mix of medium and high competition for these keywords and this is quite typical for the industry as a whole.

This indicates that several businesses are bidding on these keywords. Whilst this does indicate a competitive market, it also suggests the advertisers are making money. Businesses wouldn’t be running these ads unless they were generating positive ROI.

Looking at the average Year on year change, there is a noticeable variation. For instance, the keyword “asbestos removal” has experienced a significant decrease of 45%. But at the same time, “asbestos testing” has increased by 52%.

These changes in search volume, indicate shifts in search behaviour and industry trends. It’s essential to track these changes and adjust your advertising accordingly.

Overall, there is opportunity for ads in the asbestos industry. But it’s crucial to stay up to date with search trends and adapt to the competition levels. This will allow you to maximize the potential of your Google Ads campaigns.

Setting up Your Own Campaign

Setting up a Google Ads campaign for your asbestos removal business can be a challenging process. Factors like keyword research, match types, negative keywords, ad copy, and ongoing management, all require time and expertise. If you’re inexperienced with Google Ads, this could prove time-consuming and costly.

With that said, if you’re willing to put in time to educate yourself, it is definitely possible. However, you do need to be prepared for a steep learning curve, which could see you lose some money due to trial and error.

Getting Help with Your Asbestos Removals Google Ads Campaign

Working with a professional can significantly improve the performance of your campaigns. A Google Ads expert can help you optimize your keywords, manage your budget, and create compelling ad copy. Additionally, their experience can give your business a competitive edge over weaker competitors.


Google Ads offers an unparalleled opportunity for asbestos removal businesses. It gives them an opportunity to reach a targeted audience and grow their customer base.

By focusing on the Search Network and leveraging the expertise of a professional, you can optimize your ad spend and achieve a much better return on investment.

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