Google Ads for Locksmiths – Unlock more leads with targeted ads

Google Ads has revolutionized the way businesses reach customers, and locksmiths are no exception.

By using Google Ads, a locksmith can reach an audience that is searching for their service. This ensures they connect with someone at the exact time they need help with a lock-related issue. As a result, Google Ads can generate quality leads that convert into paying customers.

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The Best Google Ads Network for Locksmiths

The most effective network for locksmiths is the Google Search network. This is because people tend to search for locksmiths when they are in immediate need of their services.

Due to this, an important aspect of running this type of campaign is making it easy to get in touch via phone. Locksmiths can do this by using call extensions. These allow potential customers to call directly from the ads. Additionally, you can use call-only ads and onsite call tracking. All these options make it even easier for customers to get in touch with a locksmith.

Locksmith Industry Traffic and Costs on Google Ads

The locksmith industry has a significant amount of traffic available for advertisers.

While the cost for clicks in this industry can be high, the benefits of using Google Ads can far outweigh the cost.

The reason for this, is the ads are so targeted, and locksmiths will usually see very high conversion rates. This is because there is urgency, and people don’t want to wait around to gain access. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see 30-50% conversion rates.

Keyword Avg. monthly searches YoY change Competition Top of page bid (low range) Top of page bid (high range)
locksmith near me 74,000 0% Medium 4.61 15.62
locksmith 60,500 0% Low 4.83 17.75
emergency locksmith 12,100 -33% Low 3.66 17.84
emergency locksmith near me 8,100 -64% Medium 4.60 17.82
local locksmith 8,100 -71% Medium 4.62 15.85
locksmith london 6,600 -18% Medium 5.51 21.49
auto locksmith 5,400 50% Low 1.00 3.13
auto locksmith near me 5,400 50% Medium 0.86 3.01
locksmith leeds 5,400 -45% Low 4.09 14.32
24-hour locksmith 4,400 -71% Medium 3.60 18.34
car locksmith near me 4,400 52% Medium 0.97 3.59
locksmith manchester 3,600 0% Medium 6.13 12.89
locksmith services 3,600 -87% Medium 5.09 18.95
car locksmith 2,900 21% Medium 1.11 3.62
emergency locksmith london 2,900 -33% Medium 5.33 21.74

The data in the table shows that the locksmith industry has a mix of competition levels. While many keywords have medium competition, some still have low competition. This presents an opportunity for lower click costs on ads.

Also, the average year-over-year (YoY) change shows that the larger high volume terms offer consistent traffic. Also, there is growing opportunity in certain areas. For example:

  • Auto locksmith is up 50% year on year.
  • Car locksmith near me is up 52% year on year.

The average across the industry is pretty consistent and there is lots of volume available. This means there are lots of people looking for locksmiths, even at the local level.

Setting Up Your Own Locksmith ad Campaign

While locksmiths can set up their own Google Ads campaign, they might face some challenges along the way.

The main challenge is making sure the campaigns are set up correctly and don’t waste money. This includes things like:

  • Conducting comprehensive keyword research
  • Understanding match types
  • Identifying and implementing negative keywords
  • Crafting compelling ad copy
  • Dedicating time and effort to manage the campaign.

Also, click fraud is a common issue in the locksmith industry. This requires careful monitoring and prevention.

Getting Help with Your Locksmiths Google Ads Campaign

Whilst Google ads can be very effective, they are also competitive. This means, without the right strategy, advertising spend can become expensive.

As you can see in the table above, clicks in Google Ads can range from £5 to £20+ per click. If this isn’t managed correctly, it can result in wasted budget.

Partnering with a professional Google Ads consultant can often be a very good idea. Here at CPS Media, we have over a decade experience in running Google ads for locksmiths. This means we know how to generate high-quality locksmith leads that convert.

Over the years, we have worked with many locksmiths throughout the UK. As well as the US, and Canada, developing strategies that maximize lead generation while minimizing costs.

Our experienced team can help you set up your campaigns in the most efficient way. This allows you to focus on answering calls and providing your services to customers, without worrying about complicated ad campaigns.

We also stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, regulations, and best practices. This ensures that your campaigns remain competitive and effective.

We also offer ongoing campaign management and regular performance reporting. This means your campaigns will continue to deliver the results you expect.


Google Ads can be an invaluable asset for locksmiths looking to grow their business. By utilizing the Search Network, locksmiths can drive phone calls and generate high-quality leads.

Google Ads set up and campaign management can be challenging. But working with an experienced agency can help you to free up time and get the best results.

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