Google Ads Callout Extensions – Benefits and Best Practices for Callouts

Google Ads callout extensions are a great way to add additional content to your ads. Their main purpose is to call out features your business offers, such as:

  • Free Shipping
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Price matching

Below you can see an example that Google uses to show how the above example callout extensions would look in your ad. They can be seen below the ad separated by dots.

google ads callout extensions

Benefits of Using Google Ads Callout Extensions

  1. Using Google ads callout extensions gives you an opportunity to tell potential customers, why your business might be their best choice, by highlighting unique offers and promotions.
  2. Google callout extensions increases the size of your advert in search results, this can have a positive influence on CTR, especially if your competitors aren’t using this type of extension.
  3. Callout extensions are highly customisable. They can be added at Account, Campaign and ad group level. This means that you can use more generic versions at the account level, at this level, they would make sense for your whole business. Then you can add more specific callouts at the campaign and ad group level.
  4. You can schedule when your callouts show. This includes scheduling certain times of day, days of the week, and even specific dates. This can be useful for several different reasons. For example, Weekend and holiday offers and out of hours support.
  5. You can also create Callout extensions that are optimised for mobile devices. These callouts can still be shown on other devices but are given preference on mobile devices.
  6. Finally, they are extremely simple to implement. Callout extensions are just text. So unlike sitelinks, they don’t link to other pages. There is also no option to add additional descriptions. For this reason, they are very simple to add and can be implemented in as little as five minutes.

Callout extension best practice

There are several callout extensions best practices to consider when adding this type of extension to your campaigns. These include:

Keep your callouts short

Your Google ads callout extensions should be short and to the point. Try to be as specific as you can and highlight main benefits, promotions and offers. The goal is to show customers why your business is the best choice. The callout extension character limit is 25, however shorter is often better when it comes to Callouts. The shorter and more specific the callouts are, the more callouts can potentially be shown with your ad. This means you can highlight more offers and benefits to your potential customers.

Use sentence case

When writing ads in Google it is common practice to use Title case, this is when the first letter of every word is capitalised. Google recommends not using title case in callout extensions. Instead they recommend using sentence case.

The reason Sentence case is better for callout extensions is to make it easier to identify and separate individual callouts. By only capitalising the first word you highlight the beginning of a new callout. This makes them more like individual bullet points.

Add multiple versions

To display callout extensions you will need to create a minimum of two. However, it is recommended that you create 4 or more.

Split test new call out extensions

As with any element of a campaign it is always a good idea to split test different versions, this is another reason why adding multiple call out extensions is advisable. After some time, you can check back and see how individual callouts are impacting things like CTR and conversion rate. If you notice poorly performing callouts you can remove them and test new ideas.

Always add at account level

It is always advisable to have callout extensions at the account level, these should be general and relevant to the whole business. Effectively they are a catch all extension. For example, let’s assume you add a new campaign or ad group, but forget to add specific callouts. By having generic account level extensions, your ad will still be shown with callout extensions and take advantage of the added messages and ad real estate this extension provides.

Make sure you add specific callouts

Just as account level callouts are extremely important, specific ad group callouts can also be very beneficial. You don’t necessarily need them at every ad group, however if you have specific offers and benefits for certain products or services, then mentioning them at the ad group level would be a wise choice.

Google Ads Callout Extension Conclusion

Overall callout extensions are a great addition to your account. They help to strengthen the message of your advert by highlighting promotions and offers. They also help to expand the size of your ad in search results, which generally always improves CTR.

There really is no reason not to use callouts. At the very minimum you should have callouts at the account level. Setting up 4 callouts at this level could literally be implemented in 5 minutes. So, if your account doesn’t already have Google ads callout extensions. Why not take 5 minutes and add them right now.

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