Bing ads vs Google ads – 4 Reasons You Should Be Using Bing Ads

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This article will be looking at some of the comparisons between Bing ads vs Google ads? We also mention 4 of the main benefits of using Bing ads, as part of your paid search strategy.

bing ads vs google ads

Google ads is definitely what most people think of when it comes to search engine marketing. But they are not the only game in town. Bing ads is another great resource for search advertising outside of Google.

When advertising on Bing ads you are able to reach people who are using other large search engines. The main three are Bing (obviously) Yahoo & AOL.

As well as these three, you also have access to Bing’s syndicated partner network. This includes additional smaller sites and search engines, that use Bing ads technology to display ads.

Below we have listed 4 main benefits of Bing ads vs Google ads.

Less competition and lower CPC’s

Bing is often a second choice for the majority of advertisers. For this reason there is much less competition on Bing ads vs Google ads. Most advertisers who use Bing are already using Google and are often using Bing to scale their existing campaigns.

The volume is obviously lower, but due to clicks costing significantly less there are certain situations where Bing ads can be the best place to start. For example if you have a limited budget, then there is a good chance Bing will give you a better return on ad spend.

This is particularly true if you’re in competitive industry that has a decent amount of search volume. By choosing Bing in this situation, you will have less competition and it might provide all the traffic you need, without even using Google.

Different demographic

The audience on Bing ads is generally older than the audience on Google ads. Roughly 40% of users are between 35-54 years old. With just 29% of users under 35.

More than 50% of users are either married or living with a partner.

And more than a third have a household income of $100,000 or more.

All these combined, generally suggest that the quality of user and the buying power on Bing Ads, is better than Google. In our experience here at CPS Media LTD, this has been particularly true in B2B campaigns. Where we have found leads from Bing tend to be slightly cheaper and better quality on average compared with Google ads.

Better search partner targeting

Just like Google search partners. Bing ads offer a similar service in their Syndicated partner network.

The main benefit of the syndicated partner network on Bing ads vs Google ads search partners is control. Bing give you much more control over the partner sites you show on.

The first benefit is you can target search partners separately. This means you can have a completely separate campaign for syndicated search partners. With Google ads this is not the case. Google search partners are either on, or off and you have to run them as part of your main Google ads campaign.

The second benefit is transparency. Google don’t let you see the sites that are generating you traffic from search partners. You also have no control over individual sites. This is quite annoying as there may be individual sites that are hurting your campaign, but you can’t turn them off.

In Bing ads you have the ability to run a website URL (publisher) report. This report will show you every single website that is sending you traffic. By using this report you can easily identify partner sites that are not performing well. Once you find under performing sites, you can then easily block them from your campaign using website exclusions.

Easy to import Google campaigns

Bing ads make it really easy to import your campaigns straight from Google ads. You can do this by navigating to Import Campaigns in your Bing Ads account. Click the drop down and select import from Google ads.

Once you have signed in to your Google ads account you have the option to import all existing campaigns. Alternatively you can also choose to import specific campaigns.

Another nice feature of import campaigns in Bing ads is you can schedule imports on a recurring basis. This can be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly.

Bing ads vs Google ads Conclusion

Overall Bing ads is a great option for search advertising, it doesn’t have the volume that Google does, but the traffic quality is very high.

Also, just because traffic is lower, that does not mean there isn’t any. In fact, there is quite a lot. 145 million people use Bing monthly. 66 million of these, are people you would not be reaching on Google.

bing ads market share

According to Microsoft If your main market is the US, Bing ads has a 33% market share. Here in the UK it is roughly 23% and throughout most of Europe between 10-20% is quite common.

So, in conclusion you shouldn’t really be deciding between Bing ads vs Google ads. Both are fantastic advertising platforms. If you are interesting in search marketing, both can work great and ideally a combination of the two is a perfect option.

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