7 Reasons to Work with A Google Ads Consultant

google ads consultantDo you need a Google ads consultant, or can you manage your own ad account?

Google ads is one of the best ways to advertise your business online. The traffic is extremely high quality and when done correctly, it can give advertisers a fantastic ROI.

However, managing a Google ads account yourself can be quite challenging. There is a steep learning curve and the platform and features are constantly changing and updating.

In this article we will be looking at 7 advantages of working with a dedicated Google Ads consultant.

A Google Ads Consultant Works in Accounts Every Day

The first reason you might decide to work with a Google Ads consultant, is experience. They are working in accounts every single day and know the platform inside out. They are also constantly making changes in accounts. This means that a job which might take you hours to figure out, might take them a couple of minutes.

Up To Date With New Features

Google Ads is a constantly changing ecosystem. New features are added on a regular basis. If you work on the platform part time, this can get really confusing quite quickly.

Recently Google took updates to the next level, with a complete UI redesign and a rebrand. Prior to the change they were known as Google Adwords. This has now changed to Google ads and the ad platform has had a complete overhaul.

Basically, the whole platform has changed. Everything is laid out differently, so lots of features have moved. Also, there are plenty of new features and some of older features have been removed.

The advantage with a Google ads consultant is they are usually up to date with any changes that happen in Google ads. They also have access to private BETA’s which means, they often learn new products and features before they are even released.

They Will Often Have Industry Experience

The way you set up and structure your campaigns, as well as your targeting and ad copy will all have an impact on your ad’s performance.

Another advantage of working with a Google ads consultant is they may already work with businesses in your industry.

Any campaign that you set up in Google Ads is going to require testing and tweaking over time to make improvements. This can take considerable time and effort. Google ads is not a set and forget ad platform.

If you can find a Google Ads consultant who already works with other companies in your industry, this could significantly reduce the learning curve on a new account. If a consultant already has industry experience, they have probably already tested lots of things like ad copy and keywords. This means they are in a position where they already know what works. This kind of knowledge could literally save you thousands of pounds in saved testing budget.

Experienced With Keyword Research

Keyword research is an extremely important part of any campaign. The keywords you choose will determine how and when your ads show. It is also not a straight forward topic, there are many things to consider.

  1. How will you perform keyword research? An experienced Google Ads consultant is going to have lots of experience in keyword research techniques. This will include extensive knowledge of how to use Googles keyword planner. As well as other tools that can uncover further, less competitive terms.
  2. What match types will you use? This is another choice that is going to be made much easier with experience. There are three main match types and knowing how to use them properly is essential.
  3. Do you understand negative keywords? Negative keywords are just as important as your main keywords. By using negative keywords, you are telling Google, there are certain terms that you want to exclude from your campaigns. If you get this wrong, it can cost you a lot of money in wasted ad spend.

Good At Writing Ad Copy

Writing good ad copy can have a huge impact on a campaign’s performance. Again, this is usually something that comes with experience. As well as a good understanding of copy writing.

Most Google Adwords consultants will have performed thousands of split tests over the years, testing different techniques in their ads. Many will also have a detailed knowledge of writing effective copy. This is usually learned by doing a lot of reading on the subject. This will include copy writing techniques that are specific to Google ads. As well as the topic in general.

Another thing to consider is Google keep extending their ads and making them bigger, they also continually add new features and extensions that can be used to improve your ad. If you are slow to implement these changes you are at an instant disadvantage compared with other advertisers. The advantage of using a Google ads consultant, is they often know about these types of updates before they even occur.

They Know How to Track Properly

If you’re not tracking your campaigns, you might as well be flushing money down the drain. Complete tracking is essential to running a profitable Google ads campaign.

Google offer advertisers a variety of different ways to track their campaigns including

  • website tracking
  • Call tracking
  • App tracking
  • And Import tracking

You should be tracking everything that you consider a conversion. For example, if your goal is lead generation, you will want to track any form submits or contact requests on your website. You will also want to track phone calls on your website, as well as calls that are generated straight from your ads.

It is very easy to feel a little overwhelmed if you are not experienced with how tracking works and it is easy to put off. However, this is a very bad idea. Tracking is essential to help you see what is, and isn’t working in your account.

Without proper tracking you are flying blind and will have no clue what needs changing to make improvements. A proper Google ads consultant knows the importance of tracking. They are also aware that without tracking, it becomes impossible for them to do their job. Therefore, a Google ads consultant will always have conversion tracking as a high priority.

They Know How to Create High Converting Landing Pages

Having a highly optimised google Ads campaign is all well and good, but if you are sending the traffic to a bad landing page, your campaign will perform poorly. A decent Google ads consultant knows that the whole funnel is important and will be able to create high converting landing pages, that increase the performance of your campaigns.

Your landing page is extremely important to how the campaign performs. A bad landing page can ruin even the best Google ads campaign.

They Have a Google Ads Rep

Decent Google ads consultants will have access to a dedicated account manager.

In recent years advertiser support has improved ad Google ads, however normal advertisers will just get standard telephone support, if your Google ads consultant is a qualified Google partner, they will usually have access to much better support. This means that you can get solutions to campaign issues much more quickly.

Do You Have Enough Time to do it Yourself?

The final thing to consider, is do you have the time to learn, and manage campaigns yourself? If you are running a business full time, there is a good chance you are already very busy. Would you be able to find the extra time to run your campaigns and keep up to date with ongoing changes in the platform?

If this is something you would end up doing in your own personal time, due to other work commitments then finding an affordable Google ads consultant is probably going to be the best choice.

We hope these 7 tips have been useful and if you do want to discuss how the team here at CPS Media LTD could help you with your Google ads management, then reach out to us via the contact form here

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