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Google Ads PPC Agency Leeds

Google Ads PPC Agency LeedsCPS Media LTD is a PPC agency in the Leeds area and we have been helping businesses with Google Ads Management since 2012. Our team have over 30 years combined experience working on Search, Display and Re-marketing campaigns.

We are a performance-based agency and our focus for any business we work with, is generating the highest volume of quality leads, at the lowest possible price.

When we build your PPC campaigns we are looking at the whole user journey.

This Includes:

  • Highly targeted Google Ads Campaigns, on all networks
  • Professionally crafted ad copy
  • And High converting Landing pages

We know that having a good Google Ads Campaign is only half the battle, to get the best possible results we look at your entire funnel, this includes everything from your ads being clicked to a lead being submitted. This approach has helped us maximise conversion rates for our clients.

Bing Ads PPC Agency Leeds

Bing Ads PPC Agency LeedsIf you are looking to scale your existing Google Ads search campaigns, Bing Ads is a great place to start.

Search campaigns on Bing ads are very similar to search ads on Google Ads. It is essentially the exact same type of advertising, the only difference is your visitors are coming from Bing, Yahoo and AOL, instead of Google.

Bing Ads is considerably smaller than Google in terms of volume, however the quality of visitors generated from this source is very high. It is not uncommon for clicks to be 30-50% cheaper than Adwords.

Also the demographic of users tends to be slightly older on Bing Ads, which often leads to better quality.

As a PPC Agency here in Leeds our approach to Bing Ads is very similar to Google Ads. The focus of all campaigns is on direct response and lead generation. The main goal is generating the most leads, at the lowest possible cost. We also provide free Bing ads coupons for new advertisiers

Facebook PPC Agency Leeds

Facebook Ads PPC Agency LeedsHere at CPS Media we have been working as a Facebook PPC agency in Leeds for over 2 years. We have also been buying ads internally for over 5 years, so we have a deep understanding of how the platform works.

Facebook PPC has improved dramatically over the last few years, The Advertising platform offers a huge amount of targeting and tools to help advertisers.

With over 2 billion users worldwide there is no platform that can scale like Facebook.

The most important thing to remember with Facebook PPC is, that this is a social platform.

People on Facebook are generally not looking to buy, they are usually socialising with friends and family. Therefore, our approach to Facebook ads is completely different, to search campaigns on platforms like Google and Bing.

We know that driving high engagement and low cost per click is key to success on Facebook, so our campaigns focus on the following:

  • Thorough audience research and targeting
  • High quality image and video ads
  • Engaging Ad text that gets clicks
  • Full funnel design to squeeze every bit of value out of each click.

We know that high click through rates are crucial to getting low click costs on Facebook. If you get this crucial element correct Facebook is capable of generating huge amounts of low cost high quality leads.

PPC Campaign Tracking

Full tracking is extremely important for any campaign.

Our goal as a PPC agency is to track and analyse every step of a user’s journey through your advertising campaigns.

This includes:

  • Clicks on ads – We are constantly split testing new ads. By continuously testing new variations we can increase clicks and conversions for our advertisers.
  • Tracking website conversions – We need to know which areas of your campaign is delivering results. By tracking leads and sales, we can optimize your campaigns for the best possible results.
  • Phone call tracking – Are phone calls an important metric for you? For most businesses the answer to this will be yes. For this reason we make sure we track where all your calls are coming from.

Regular Reporting

We are constantly working to improve our client’s campaigns. This means that campaign changes and improvements are happening every month.

To keep our partners and clients up to date with the performance of their PPC campaigns, we produce detailed monthly reports.

Monthly reporting includes a breakdown of all the top-level statistics in your account. Our goal is to show you exactly how your ads performed and most importantly, how many conversions your ads generated.

All reports also come with a written summary, which includes:

  • Changes made in the previous month. This goes into detail about any edits in your account and the reasoning behind them.
  • Improvements in all important metrics, such as cost per click, engagement and conversion rates.
  • Finally, we talk about how we will be continuing to make improvements as your campaigns move forwards.

Need help with your current PPC campaigns?

If you are looking for a performance and data driven PPC agency in Leeds that can help you improve your existing campaigns, then look no further. Here at CPS Media LTD, we are passionate about our client’s success.

Due to our huge range of knowledge in the PPC industry CPS Media LTD are perfectly equipped to help you get the best possible results from your advertising campaigns.

To have our expert team review your existing PPC campaigns for free Click here

Want To Get Stated With PPC?

Are you interested in creating your first PPC campaign? We can help! Over the years we have worked with hundreds of businesses and we can help you to get a high-quality campaign up and running in just 1-2 weeks.

If you are looking for a PPC agency in Leeds, get in touch with the team here at CPS Media today!

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