Learn How to Improve Google Ads Quality Score

how to improve google ads quality score

In this article we will be looking at how to improve Google ads quality score.

Your quality score is a metric that Google uses to determine the relevance and quality of your ads. It is decided by a number of factors including:

Quality score is indicated by a number from 1-10 and can be seen at the keyword level by hovering over the status of an individual keyword.

This shows you if your ads are currently being displayed. As well as additional details about your quality score. These details include your expected click through rate, ad relevance and landing page experience.

Another way you can see the same information is by modifying your columns in the keywords tab. To do this click on the columns icon in the top right above your keywords. Next select quality score and you will see the following options.

quality score columns

By selecting the options above you will be able to see all your quality score information in the columns of your keyword tab in the Google ads interface.

You will also notice there is an option here to select historical quality score information. These can be very useful when you are actively trying to improve quality score on certain keywords.

Once you have selected the columns that you want to show, you will have a much clearer overview of the quality score information on all your keywords. This is much more convenient than hovering over the status of individual keywords.

Below is an example of how the information will be displayed in your account:

quality score keyword columns

How to Use This Information

If you are wondering how to improve Google ads quality score, this information is extremely useful. By looking at the three elements that make up quality score you can actually see where there is room for improvement. There are 3 ways each element can be scored:

  1. Above average.
  2. Average.
  3. Below average.

By first concentrating on areas that are below average, you can try to make improvements.

Keywords and Keyword Grouping

The first factor that will determine your quality score is the keywords you are using. The keywords that you use in your campaigns should be well researched and relevant to your product or service. You should also group your keywords into tightly themed groups.

Relevant Ads

Once you have tightly themed ad groups, you will be able to write ads that are specific to the keywords in each group. Try not to write generic ads across the whole of your account. The more relevant your ad is, the more it will resonate with the person searching on Google.

Having high ad relevance can potentially help with two of the main elements of quality score. The obvious advantage is ad relevance. However, they are also likely to get a higher click through rate.

Strong Call to Action in Your Ads

Another way to generate higher click through rates on your ad is to have a strong call to action. Use terms like “learn more” “buy now” or “call now”. You can also mention discounts and promotions such as “buy now and save 30%”.

You can read a good article about writing good calls to action here

Improving Landing Page Experience

According to Google, landing page experience can be improved by using relevant original content and providing ease of navigation. They will also look at things such as page load speed and how well your website performs on different devices.

The main thing you need to do is make sure your landing page is relevant to the keywords and ads being used. Don’t send all you visitors to the same page! If someone is looking for something specific you should always try sending that person to a page that helps them with their specific query.

How to Improve Google Ads Quality Score With CTR

Click through rate is the biggest factor in quality score. Having a high click through rate tells Google that your ads are resonating with people and generating more clicks than other ads in the auction. As we have mentioned previously relevance and using a strong call to action can be a big factor in your click through rate.

One of the best ways to improve this metric is ongoing testing. There are a huge amount of variables you can test in your ad copy that will improve CTR. Recently Google expended text ads for a second time making them even bigger. This gives advertisers even more opportunity to test ad copy variations. They also offer a whole host of ad extensions that you can use to enhance your ads and improve CTR.

Things you could test include:

  • Completely different ads.
  • Testing headlines (All 3 of them).
  • Test the descriptions you use.
  • Display URL paths.
  • Use of punctuation.
  • Use of capitalisation (Title case or sentence case).
  • Different calls to action.
  • Try using different ad extensions.

There are literally hundreds of different tests that you could try and all of these tests have the potential to improve your CTR.

How to Improve Google Ads Quality Score Conclusion

Hopefully this article has answered the question of “How to improve Google ads quality score” there are a lot of factors that can affect QS but the key takeaway here should be relevance. Make sure you are being as relevant as possible and aim to help the person searching as much as possible as much as you can.

If you have any questions about quality score, please let us know in the comments below. Also for any questions regarding Google ads PPC management you can contact the team here

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