Thrive Themes Review 2019 – High Converting Themes and Plugins for WordPress

​Thrive Themes Review 2019


​Thrive Themes membership is extremely feature-packed. It comes complete with 10 ​beautifully designed WP themes, 10 high-quality plugins and a wealth of educational material in Thrive University.


​Thrive ​Members area ​has active user forums.​ In most cases, ​somebody has already asked the same question. You can also open new tickets which are usually answered very quickly. Currently, there is no live chat or phone support.

​Ease of use

​Thrive Themes is quite easy to get the hang of. ​However, there is a slight learning curve, this is mainly because there are ​10 different plugins and ​you need to learn how to use them individually. The good news is there is lots of training for each.


Considering everything you get with Thrive Themes we had to give the pricing 5 stars. Compared with similar products in the market it is considerably cheaper. Plus you also get much more for your money. If anything Thrive Themes is probably under-priced

​​Summary: Thrive Themes, in my opinion, is one of the best collection of tools available for WordPress. This is especially true if your goal is building high converting websites, pages, and funnels. However, when I first started using the tools I didn't put them to full use and was a little overwhelmed. This was mainly because I only bought it for the landing page builder (Thrive Architect).

Over time I started using more of the plugins and Themes and realized that Architect is just the tip of the Iceberg. That is why I put together th​the review below, to help you learn about all the features and how they can help your business generate more conversions.

  • ​It is a collection of tools designed by ​marketers for marketers and this is easy to see with the huge focus on high converting themes and plugins
  • Every single plugin is feature rich and works extremely well individually, or in combination with other plugins
  • ​The visual editor is easily the best ​on the market making it ​simple to build beautiful pages quickly and easily
  • ​Thrive Architect comes complete with over 260  landing page templates. Again these are all focused on high conversion rates.
  • The themes are all very high quality. They are also optimized for all devices and ​with SEO in mind.
  • ​Due to so many themes, plugins and features there can be a slight learning curve.
  • ​They don't have any live chat or telephone support. This means you can wait a few hours for support tickets to be answered.
  • ​It is only compatible with WordPress. If you are using a different platform you will not be able to use ​Thrive Themes membership.

From $19/month - 25 site license

Thrive Themes Review Introduction

Thrive Themes is a full suite of themes and plugins designed for WordPress. Its major selling point is that all the products have a heavy focus on conversions. This makes Thrive Themes very popular with online marketers and business owners.

The goal of every tool offered by Thrive Themes is to turn more of your website’s visitors into customers.

In this Thrive Themes review, we will be looking at everything this service has to offer. This will include all the benefits and potential negatives when using this service.

So What is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes is a popular collection of themes and plugins for WordPress. It's designed to help business owners and marketers get better results from their websites.

Throughout this Thrive Themes review, we will be looking at everything you get with Thrive themes membership. This collection of tools consists of:

  • Thrive Theme Templates​ – 10 beautifully designed, conversion-optimized WordPress themes.
  • Thrive Architect – Design professional landing pages with an easy to use drag and drop editor. This comes complete with hundreds of landing page templates.
  • Thrive Leads – A plugin that helps you design opt-in forms and build your email list.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder – Build highly engaging quizzes to gain valuable insights from your website visitors.
  • Thrive Ultimatum – Increase conversions by adding scarcity to your offers with countdown timers.
  • Thrive Ovation – Collect and display conversion-boosting testimonials.
  • Thrive Optimize – Increase conversions by easily A/B testing your pages.
  • Thrive Headline optimizer – Split test your headlines to increase results from your content marketing.
  • Thrive Clever Widgets – customize your widgets on different pages and posts of your site.
  • Thrive Apprentice – Create professional courses on your WordPress site
  • Thrive Comments – Turn your comments section into a conversation with the Thrive comments plugin.

​Thrive Themes Review Section 1 - The Themes

Thrive themes membership comes complete with 10 different high-quality WordPress Themes. Each theme is designed to maximize conversions, as well as every other feature you would expect from a premium WordPress theme. Such as:

  • ​Each theme has optimized code to make sure your pages load at lightning speed.
  • ​The themes are all fully responsive on all screen sizes, this means they look great on any device.
  • ​All themes are created with SEO best practices in mind so they naturally rank well in search engines.
  • All the themes are also fully customizable. This means that they look great straight out of the box, but if you do want to make changes, they are easy to put your stamp on.

All 10 themes are packed with features to help you build a beautiful, functional website and blog posts. Below you can see a more detailed​ description of each theme.

​FocusBlog Theme

This design is ideal for corporate websites, it would also work well for marketers, or even for local business websites. The design itself is very clean and professional looking.

As the themes name suggests there is a focus on getting more subscribers to join your mailing list. There are also focus areas to encourage people to click on important areas on your website.

Luxe Theme

The Luxe theme is described as luxurious, minimalist and uncluttered and that is true it is a very clean design. It is the theme we use for our blog here at CPS Media. The minimalist design was the exact reason we chose to use Luxe. The design is clean and simple, and it looks great right out of the box.

Ignition Theme

Ignition theme focuses on making effective, high converting marketing pages. It also comes with a beautiful home page design to drive sales and email sign-ups.

Minus Theme

The minus theme is another beautiful minimal design. It uses a lot of white space to keep the design simple and elegant.

This simple design makes it a great theme choice for many different website types. It is highly customizable and packed with features to help you adjust the theme for any purpose. There are also many high converting lead generation features built right into the theme. These features make it easier to turn more of your visitors into subscribers.

Squared Theme

The Squared theme has a bold attention-grabbing design. At the same time, it still maintains an obvious business and marketing focus. This theme makes it easy to build your mailing list with built-in opt-in forms. Plus you also can create high converting sales pages and landing pages.


This theme is perfect if you are creating a blog. The design emphasizes the content and the author, this makes it perfect for personal branding.


If you are creating a magazine or news website the Performag theme is a perfect choice. Not only does this theme look great, but it is also designed with performance in mind. The theme comes complete with a built-in ads manager and advanced social sharing features. These features set it apart from other news themes, enabling you to earn more from your content. 


​The Pressive theme is another beautifully designed WordPress theme. This theme works for a variety of different purposes and is quite flexible. It also comes with many features that are not available in the other Thrive themes.


Another well-designed theme that is perfect for blogging. The design has a focus on creating beautiful rich media posts. If you're looking to create a blog that tells your story, then this is a great theme to help you achieve that.

​Rise Theme

The Rise theme is a versatile theme that is ideal for a variety of different businesses. These include including affiliate marketing, blogging and any other type of online business.

The theme itself was created in collaboration with long term affiliate marketer Zac Johnson. The main goal was to make the world’s best WordPress theme for blogging and affiliate marketing. We agree the design is elegant and the theme is very effective at driving conversions.

As you can see no matter what your goal is, the above themes have got you covered. The best news is that you get all 10 themes with Thrive Themes membership, so you can pick the one that fits your brand.

Some other exciting news is the new Thrive Theme Builder, which is in development.

The Thrive Themes builder will be a front end, drag and drop Theme editor. This will allow anyone to quickly and easily design their themes without the need for any coding.

As I mentioned this feature is not available yet, but I wanted to include it in this Thrive Themes review because it is coming soon. It is also something I am personally really looking forward to.

​Thrive Themes Review Section 2 - The Plugins

In this section of our Thrive Themes review, we will be looking at all the plugins that come with Thrive Themes membership.

Currently, there are 10 different plugins available from Thrive Themes. We will be looking at each plugin individually and learning how you can use them in your own business.

​Thrive Architect Review

Thrive Architect (formerly known as thrive content builder) is a drag and drop landing page builder.

Using Thrive Architect you can easily build beautiful, high converting pages almost effortlessly.

The page builder itself is a front end visual editor, this means that you are looking at the page as you edit it. This makes it very easy to implement ideas quickly. Also because it is a visual editor there s no need to switch tabs to check your changes.

The editing in Thrive Architect follows one simple idea. The team at Thrive Themes call this "click to edit". This means you can click any element on the page, make a change and you will see the edit happening in real-time.

Probably the best thing about the Thrive visual editor is its flexibility. In most cases, if you have an idea you can make it come to life from scratch.

For example, let's assume you see a page you like on somebody else's website. Then let's also assume that they are not using Thrive Architect.

Due to the powerful editing features in Thrive Architect, in most cases, you will be able to recreate their page. What's more, you won't need to touch a single line of code

​Thrive Architect Templates

As we have already mentioned, you can build nearly any type of page with Thrive Architect.

But, what if you don’t want to build pages from scratch?

Well, there is good news! There are over 270 beautifully designed landing page templates available in Thrive Architect. No matter what your goal is there are page templates you can use. These include sales pages, video pages, opt-in pages, webinar pages and much more.

All the template designs are high conversion-focused and you can edit them to match your branding within a couple of minutes.

A good example of this is the home page here on CPS Media.

Our homepage uses a Thrive Architect template and it was customized in less than an hour, to seamlessly match our companies branding.

Since it went live our new home page has been converting at roughly 10% which is a huge increase on the page it replaced.

This has been true in many other cases, such as client landing pages and affiliate campaigns that we run. In all instances, we have been able to build pages, fast and conversion rates are always very impressive.

To get more detail on all the features available from Thrive Architect I recommend you check out the video on their website. In the video, Shane (the creator of Thrive Themes) goes into much more detail about all the features in Thrive Architect.

​Thrive Leads Review

The second plugin we will be looking at in this Thrive Themes review is Thrive Leads.

Thrive Leads is a lead generation plugin that helps you create a variety of opt-in forms on your website. This makes Thrive leads the perfect tool if you are trying to generate leads, or build your email list.

Using Thrive leads there are many different types of opt-in forms to choose from. These include:

  • In content - This enables you to add an opt-in form inside your content. You can control where this appears by stating how many paragraphs it should appear after.
  • Lightbox. – This type of opt-in is an overlay that pops up when a user visits your website. This can be controlled by many different triggers. These include: page load, time on page, scroll length, on click, reaching the bottom of the page and exit intent.
  • Post Footer – This is similar to the in content form, but it is displayed at the bottom of your pages.
  • Ribbon – This form type is visible at the top or bottom of your content and remains visible when the user scrolls.
  • Screen Filler .– The screen filler is another type of overlay. The main difference is it covers the entire page. It can be triggered by time, scroll distance and also exit intent. You also have the option to control frequency to cap the number of times the same person will see this type of form.
  • Scroll mat. – This type of form is similar to the screen filler, in that it fills the whole page. But, this form is not an overlay, it is activated on page load and pushes the content down. This means the user can scroll down to the content and they don't need to close the opt-in form. This form also lets you control frequency.
  • Slide-in – As the name suggests the slide in form slides in from either a top or bottom corner of your page. The most popular place for this type of form is usually the bottom right and it is great for grabbing attention. Similar to a lightbox this form type can be triggered on page load, or by duration and scroll length.
  • Widget – The widget form type can be displayed in any widget area on your WordPress site. Mostly this is in the sidebar. It is very simple to install, simply create the form and then add it to your sidebar via a Thrive leads widget.

As you can see there is a wide selection of form types available. when used in the right way they can have a huge impact on your lead generation efforts.

The other great thing about Thrive Leads is that it also comes with dozens of preloaded templates for each type of form. Plus you also have the option to create forms from scratch.

Thrive leads integrates with all major email marketing services. So you can easily collect leads and send them to your autoresponder or CRM.

Another cool feature from Thrive leads is the A/B testing capabilities. The plugin allows you to easily duplicate forms and split test them against each other. You can even set this process to auto-optimize. This means that Thrive leads will run the test for you and automatically turn off losing forms.

You can watch a more detailed video here that shows you all the features in Thrive Leads. The video goes more in-depth on the A/B testing, form editing and also targeting forms to different areas of your site.

​Thrive Quiz Builder Review

The third plugin we will be looking at in this Thrive themes review is the Thrive Quiz Builder.

The Thrive Quiz Builder is a plugin that gives you the ability to create attention-grabbing, engaging quizzes. Quizzes can be created quickly and easily, without the need to hire a developer.

Thrive quiz builder enables you to get the same result as an expensive developer in as little as a few minutes.

So why create Quizzes?

Quizzes have been around for a long time and they have proven to be effective at engaging visitors. For example how often do you seen friends sharing quizzes in your Facebook news feed? Probably lots.

The fact is people love quizzes. It's natural to want to answer questions and get the result and people also love to share their results. As a marketer or business owner, you can use this for a variety of purposes. For example:

  • ​Gaining valuable insights from your audience
  • ​Building your email list
  • ​Segmenting your visitors and giving them more specific offers based on their answers
  • Generating viral traffic with social sharing

The Thrive Quiz Builder makes building these types of quizzes extremely easy. You can choose from predefined quizzes or build from scratch using the visual quiz flow builder.

What makes the Thrive Quiz Builder even more powerful are the extra features that come with it.

The main feature that can help you improve results is the A/B testing elements of this plugin. This feature allows you to test different sections of your quiz flow. For example, you can test all the following:

· Splash page – This is the first page people see before they start your quiz. By A/B testing different versions of your splash page, you can increase the number of people that start your quiz.

· Opt-in gate – This can be extremely powerful if your goal is generating email opt-ins. By testing different versions of this page you can increase your opt-in rate and generate more email subscribers.

· Results page – The main goal here is social shares. You want as many people doing your quiz as possible. By split testing this section of the quiz, you can improve social sharing and get more people going through your quiz.

These A/B tests can have a dramatic impact on your results and what makes this even better, is you can automate the split test. Just set it up and let it run, Thrive Quiz Builder will do the rest. This means that optimizing your quiz is completely hands-free.

You also have access to detailed analytics where you can track how every part of your quiz is performing.

The Thrive Quiz Builder is a great tool. It is also lots of fun to build and run your own quizzes.

If you want to learn more about the quiz builder you can Click Here to watch a more detailed video. The video gives much more detail and shows the tool in action so you can see exactly how it works.

​Thrive Ultimatum Review

The next plugin in our Thrive Themes review is Thrive ultimatum. This plugins main goal is to increase conversions using scarcity.

Scarcity is one of the most powerful marketing techniques for increasing conversions. Our brains are hardwired to see an offer that is ending soon or limited as more valuable. This means that scarcity is almost guaranteed to increase conversion rates because people don't want to miss out.

Thrive Ultimatum achieves this scarcity using countdown timers. By using countdown timers you can show your visitors an offer such as a discount and add a time limit to it.

Here at CPS Media we regularly use this technique to acquire new clients. We do this by offering reduced prices on our services and it works like a charm.

Thrive ultimatum makes it easy to create and add these timers anywhere on your site. The plugin comes preloaded with lots of designs and the look and feel of any of these can be edited in a visual editor. You can also design timers from scratch.

These scarcity campaigns can be set to start and finish at any time. There is also the ability to create evergreen campaigns that run for each visitor.

To learn more about Thrive Ultimatum you can watch a more detailed video here. The video goes through exactly how you can generate more conversions with this plugin.

​Thrive Ovation Review

Thrive Ovation is the 5th plugin in our Thrive Themes review. This plugin helps you to leverage another technique that is often overlooked but can be extremely powerful. That technique is displaying testimonials.

Testimonials are powerful, but they are neglected by most marketers and online business owners.

Testimonials are fantastic at overcoming your potential customer's objections. They also provide social proof. People love to see that other people are using your product or service and are getting results.

Thrive Ovation makes it easier to collect, manage and display testimonials on your website.

There are a few ways you can collect testimonials with Thrive Ovation. Firstly, you can add existing testimonials manually. This is extremely simple and can be done straight in your WordPress dashboard. You can also import testimonials from social media.

Another technique for generating new testimonials is using capture forms on your website.

Finally, Thrive Ovation gives you complete control over where your testimonials will be displayed. You can use tags to build lists of testimonials that are specific to certain products and services.

To learn how you can use Thrive Ovation you can watch a detailed video here. This video goes into much more detail on how you can start generating more testimonial with Thrive Ovation.

​Thrive Optimize Review

In this section of our Thrive Themes review, we are looking at Thrive Optimize. Thrive Optimize is an add-on for Thrive Architect that enables you to A/B test landing pages.

Split testing your landing pages is one of the best ways to increases conversion rates.

The main problem with this type of split testing is that it usually requires expensive A/B testing software. These generally offer entry-level prices starting at the $99-$299/month range.

Not only are these solutions expensive but they are also quite complex to setup.

Thrive Optimize makes A/B testing landing pages extremely simple. What's more, the one-off price you pay is far lower than n going monthly payments for one of the alternative services.

All you need to do to create a split test is click the A/B symbol in Thrive Architect and this clones your page in one click. Following this, you can make a few edits that you would like to test and start you're A/B test. It really is that simple.

Everything can be done in your WordPress dashboard in as little as 1 minute.

Thrive Optimize also comes with detailed reporting and you can fully automate your split tests. This means that Thrive Optimize will choose the winning page automatically.

Thrive Optimize is a game-changer when it comes to running landing page split tests. To get a detailed explanation and demo of this plugin watch the full video here.

​Thrive Headline Optimizer Review

The next plugin in our Thrive themes review is Thrive Headline Optimizer. This plugin is remarkably simple but the potential results it can generate are no joke.

Your headline is one of the most important parts of any blog post. If you don’t get your headline right and catch the visitor’s attention they will likely hit the back button and leave without even reading your content.

​A good headline can be the difference between a post that attracts massive amounts of clicks and social shares and one that end up being a complete flop.

Thrive Headline Optimizer makes it incredibly simple to test many headlines on every blog post you publish.

When you create a new post enter multiple variations of your headline. Then once the post goes live Headline optimizer will optimize the headlines to find the best one.

This process is completely hands-free. Just set it and forget it and Thrive Headline Optimizer will find the winner.

To see Thrive Headline Optimizer in action check the video on the Thrive Themes website here.

​Thrive Clever Widgets Review

Your widget area can be a useful place to display offers, opt-in forms and useful resources for your visitors.

In this part of our Thrive Themes review, we will be looking at Thrive Clever Widgets. We will be looking at how to use them to make your sidebar widgets far more effective and useful for your visitors.

Clever widgets enable you to create targeted widgets that get more attention, clicks, and conversions. You can do this by showing different widget areas to people based on where they are on your website.

Clever Widgets can be targeted using several different display options. These options become available in all widgets once the plugin is installed. These include categories, tags and specific pages and posts.

You can watch a quick 4-minute demonstration video here. The video shows you how quick and easy it is to implement clever widgets on your WordPress site.

​Thrive Apprentice Review

Thrive apprentice is a plugin to help you build and host online courses on your WordPress site.

Online courses can be an excellent way to promote your business and generate revenue and they can be used in a variety of different ways.

Free courses can build your email list, increase authority in your industry, or even provide training for staff and clients. You also have the opportunity to create premium courses that you intend to sell.

Thrive apprentice provides a professional course environment. This enables an extremely smooth sign up process for new users. They also have an integration with Send Owl to help you create paid products and accept payments.

As well as Send Owl, Thrive Apprentice also integrates with a range of other WordPress member plugins.

Apprentice is quite a complex product so it is hard to give all the details in this short Thrive themes review. If you want to learn more about how you can use Thrive apprentice in your own business. Click Here

​Thrive Comments Review

Thrive comments is the last plugin we will be looking at in this Thrive Themes review. Thrive comments is a far better version of the old outdated WordPress comment section. They are designed to get lots more engagement and interaction.

The improvements are achieved in several ways including:

1. Improved design.
2. Up-votes and down votes.
3. The ability to display featured comments.
4. Users can post from social accounts.
5. Social sharing.
6. People posting can earn achievements and badges to encourage site interaction.
7. And much more.

All these features are designed to increase engagement and get the conversation going in your comments.

Let's face it we all want people to comment on our content, but massaging our ego is not the only benefit of regular comments. This is also a strong signal to search engines like Google that you are producing high-quality content that people are engaging with.

Improving engagement in your comments can have a lot of positive benefits. Without a doubt Thrive Comments is one of the best solutions available to achieve this.

As I mentioned before Thrive Comments is the last plugin in this Thrive Themes review. If you do want to learn more this plugin you can read a more detailed overview here.

As you can see Thrive Themes offer some extremely high-quality premium plugins in their membership. ​It is important to note here that you can also buy any ​of these plugins individually.

​Thrive Themes Review Section 3 - Thrive University

Thrive Themes membership already provides a huge amount of value with 10 premium themes and 10 premium plugins. This also gives you lifetime updates and free access to all new themes and plugins.

But that is not all you get with Thrive Membership.

In this section of our Thrive Themes review, we will be looking at Thrive University.

Thrive University is a collection of guides and courses to help you grow your online business. Currently, as I write this there are 41 courses in Thrive University.

And there is some even better news. Only 6 of these courses are exclusive to Thrive Theme members. That's right! This means that you can view the other 35 courses right now 100% free.

Don't let the word free put you off. Some of these courses are of very high quality. There are people online charging a lot of money for similar information.

Courses in Thrive University cover topics like:

  • ​Landing page creation.
  • ​Email marketing and list building.
  • ​Copywriting.
  • Digital course creation.
  • Conversion rate optimization.
  • And plenty more

​To access all the Thrive University courses right now you can sign up for a free account by clicking the ​button below.

Click Here To Get Free Access To Thrive University Now >>>

​Thrive Themes Review Pricing - Is It Worth It?

So you have seen everything that a Thrive Themes membership has to offer. There are some great premium themes and plugins and a lot of high-quality training material.

When it comes to purchasing Thrive Themes you have several options. Firstly you can buy all their plugins individually. These range from $39-$127 each, this is not the most cost-effective way to buy them.

The only instance I would recommend buying individual plugins is if you only need 1 or 2 of them.

If you want to use more of the plugins and also want the themes, then Thrive Themes membership is a far better option. The membership also gives you access to new themes and plugins when they are released.

Thrive Themes membership is much more cost-effective at just $19/month for the regular plan.

The $19/month option allows you to use the themes and plugins on up to 25 websites which is more than enough for most people.

Plus there is also an agency option. This allows you to add Thrive Themes and plugins to 50 websites, including client websites for $49/month.

Overall we think this is really good value.

From $19/month - 25 site license

​Thrive Themes Review Conclusion

That brings us to the end of this Thrive Themes review and overall we are very impressed with Thrive Themes membership.

This is a genuine review as we do use a lot of the plugins and one of the themes and have been very impressed with the results in our own business.

We particularly like using Thrive architect for building landing pages.

Previously we used Leadpages, which is another good page builder, but it is more expensive and less flexible. This is why we no longer use Leadpages or recommend it to our clients. Thrive Architect is just better in our opinion.

Our only slightly negative point with Thrive Themes is that there is a slight learning curve. This is simply due to the number of different plugins.

Essentially you have to learn how to use each plugin individually and this can take some time. But this is true of most new tools, and the results are definitely worth the extra effort.

Overall we think Thrive Themes offers great value for money. The themes and plugins are of the highest quality and recommended to anyone who's looking to boost leads and sales.

​We hope you enjoyed this Thrive Themes review and if you have any questions at all, please leave them in the comments below.

From $19/month - 25 site license

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