Stop Losing Customers!

Did you know that if you and your business are not online you are actually losing huge amounts of new business every month.

Recent studies have shown over 70% of local consumers are now actively using the Internet to find local businesses in their area, greater visibility on popular search engines like Google can potentially put local businesses in front of thousands of potential customers each and every month.

Whats more about 49% of people searching online are more likely to use a local business after they have read positive reviews on the internet.

Did you also know that well over 50% of your customers are on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter everyday often for hours at a time.

The thing that a lot of local business don’t know is with the right expertise you can be online and in front of these people spreading the message about your business and interacting with current and potential clients in  no time at all, the alternative without an online presence is that these potential customers are going to the one place you don’t want them to go, TO YOUR COMPETITION!

Here at CPS Media we have a wealth of experience in driving targeted customers to businesses via the internet, we are focused on performance based marketing which means our sole purpose with our clients is to deliver the maximum amount of targeted leads/sales at the cheapest possible prices.

We aim to taylor our services individually to each and every client so we can deliver you the best possible results. To learn more give us a call on 07773157447 or contact Carl at:

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