PPC Landing Page’s – Creating The Best Landing Pages

One of the most important elements of any successful online campaigns, whether its from organic traffic of pay per click (Adwords) is making sure you use the best landing pages possible, so you get the best ROI from your advertising spend.

A good landing page can be the difference between converting visitors into sales or leads and not converting them, however, even with that said; here at CPS Media we notice again and again that it is one of the most neglected areas in many of the campaigns we look at.

In this article we will be giving you five top tips for successful landing pages:

  • Don’t send all your traffic to the home page:Where ever possible you should not be directing traffic to your home page, although your homepage may look nice and probably has information about your services, usually it is not an area of the site that will be focused on what the visitor is looking for, for example if you offer multiple products or services, directing visitors to the home page will mean that they have to navigate away, to find a page about the product or service they are interested in. Having focused landing pages means you can send people to pages that are relevant to exactly what they are looking for; this alone can drastically improve conversion rates.
  • Use clear, easy to read copy on your landing page: The content on your landing page should be clear, concise and compelling, whilst at the same time being brief and well laid out, many internet users will scan content and the sight of a large mass of text can often be off putting, meaning that the visitor may not even read the content, the best way to overcome this is to catch the reader’s attention by using attractive headlines and bullet points to make it easier for them to digest your message.
  • Use strong calls to action which stand out: You should have a strong and clear call to action on your landing pages, whether you require someone to fill in a form, click a button, make a purchase, or pick up the phone, it should stand out and it should be clear to them what you want them to do, also using wording like “Free” “Buy Now” “Call Us Now” this creates a stronger call to action and tells the user exactly what they need to do. Your conversion point should also be above the fold, so your visitors can see it without having to scroll.  Finally, use colours like orange and yellow on your buttons, these have been proven in many cases to catch user’s attention and improve conversion rate.
  • Use trust indicators and social proof: There are many ways you can build trust on a landing page, for example use testimonials from previous happy customers, this can be in written form, or even audio, or video, also use any badges, accreditations, or qualifications you hold, these two things alone show the visitor that you are a qualified professional and that you have happy customers. As an example, here at CPS media we saw a 32% increase in conversion rate, simply by adding a badge with a link to our Adwords Certified Partner page like the one below.
  • Always be testing: To create the best landing pages, you should always be testing different elements of the layout, you can do this by performing simple A/B tests like, changing the copy, headlines, images and calls to action, by doing these small tests you will be able to find single elements that when changed will improve the performance of your landing page. For those who are slightly more advanced, you may even decide to use multi variant testing on your landing pages with tools like Google website optimizer to test various different elements and layouts all at once, whichever you choose A/B or MVT, just make sure your doing something, there is always room for improvement and regular improvements due to testing will result in improved ROI in your campaign.

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