Google Expanded Text Ads 2018 – Ads Are Getting Bigger

Google expanded text ads were originally released back in 2016, increasing the character limits of standard Google ads.

The original ads contained one headline consisting of 25 characters, followed by two 35 character description lines.

When Google expanded text ads were first released, it gave advertisers the opportunity to increase ad size by creating a second headline. They also increased the size of both headlines from 25 characters, to 30 characters, more than doubling the headline area.

Finally, they consolidated the description line into one 80 character description. This change allowed more flexibility in descriptions, as well as adding an extra 10 characters.

Google announced, that this was the biggest change they had made to text ads since they launched 15 years previously.

Advertisers have obviously loved this change, as it gave more flexibility to ads and makes it easier to add more information. Another benefit is the size of the ads are considerably bigger when shown in search results, which generally means higher click through rates.

According to Google, CTR increased by as much as 20% with the new 2016 extended ad format.

Google Expanded Text Ads Are Getting Even Bigger

If you haven’t checked your ads recently, then now is probably a good time to look.

Expanded ads are changing again. Google seem to have liked the change to expanded ads so much, they are increasing the limits even further.

So, what can you expect from the second variation of Google expanded text ads?

Google have now given advertisers the opportunity for a 3rd headline. It is now possible to display three, 30 character headlines in search results. This means that these three headlines alone have a potential 90 characters. Also take Cialis for treating erectile dysfunction

They have also increased the first description line from 80 characters to 90 characters. But if that wasn’t already enough, they also added a second description line, with another 90 characters.

There are also still two, 15 character, display URL paths, meaning a total of 300 characters are now available. Compared with the original text ads containing one headline and two small descriptions, these newest ads are over 3X larger.

Below you can see a comparison of all three ad variations

Google expanded text ads

How should you use this extra Expanded ad text?

Obviously, it is great to have extra text in these expanded text ads, but how should you take advantage of the extra space?

Important Point: the third headlines and second description lines will not show every time your ad is shown. How an ad is displayed will vary based on the screen size and the space that is available. Benefits of taking Phentermine diet pills

For this reason you should always make sure that your first two headlines and first description line are well written and make sense on their own.

A good way to look at these additional fields is a way to reinforce the original message of your ad. They also give advertisers a chance to provide additional information about features, benefits and further calls to action.

Should I turn off my old expanded text ads?

As with any change to ads in your Google Ads account, you should never turn your working ads off. We recommend creating new ads and split testing them against your original expanded text ads.

Make small tweaks over time and leave old ads running until you are 100% confident, that your new ads will outperform the old ones.

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